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After Selina's apartment was blown up by masked men she turned to her informant, Lola, who often supplied Catwoman with information and various jobs. Lola tipped Selina off to an unoccupied penthouse where Selina could lay low for a few weeks, as well as a job stealing a painting from Russian mobsters. For this job, Selina infiltrated a Russian club by posing as the bartender. There, she recognized a man from her past, who murdered her friend as a teenager, and Selina quickly took her revenge. Once her cover was blown, Selina donned her Catwoman outfit and fought her way out of the club, making quick work of the Russians. Back at the penthouse, Batman visited concerned about Selina's well being. The two sleep together.

Catwoman was confronted by Steve Trevor, who offered her a spot on Amanda Waller's new Justice League of America. Selina initially refused, but accepted the offer after Trevor promised to help her track down a woman who has apparently been posing as Selina. Catwoman was chosen specifically to take down Batman should the JLA ever need to defeat the original Justice League.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit