Detective Comics 23.1 Textless


Poison Ivy was recruited into the covert-ops group known as the Birds of Prey. Though she was specifically hand-picked by the team's leader Black Canary, the other members of the group protested Ivy's inclusion, citing her violent past and connections to various murders. These suspicions were proven correct when Ivy poisoned the team and forced them to attack corrupt companies she wanted to destroy until Katana apparently killed her.

Ivy survived the injuries and returned to Gotham, breaking out Clayface in order to manipulate him into becoming her husband. Batman intervened to help her, mainly because the locations she attacked were the Penguin's properties. Ivy was captured by Penguin's men. She was buried alive by them, but survived long enough to be rescued by Penguin's employer, Ogilvy, who had taken his boss' businesses after the Joker's return. He proposed an alliance with her. However, Clayface tracked down and attacked her.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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