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The Justice League International was formed by United Nations director Andre Briggs as a UN-controlled counterpart to the original Justice League and was based out of the Hall of Justice. The founding lineup of the team consisted of Booster Gold, Fire, Ice, Rocket Red (Gavril Ivanovich), Green Lantern (Guy Gardner), Vixen, August General in Iron, and Godiva, who were recruited to the team due to having their identities publicly known. Batman was denied membership due to having a secret identity, but was allowed to accompany the group as part of an effort to foster good relations between the JLI and the original Justice League. The team went on to defeat the Signal Men and the alien conqueror Peraxxus.

During a press conference outside the Hall of Justice, Rocket Red was killed when a bomb exploded, while Fire, Ice and Vixen were hospitalized and became comatose. This led Booster Gold to recruit Batwing and OMAC and to the team. He failed to recruit Firehawk.

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