Harper Row is as a streetwise young woman from the Narrows, one of the roughest neighborhoods in Gotham City. She and her brother were from a broken family with a deceased mother and a deadbeat father who would later end up in jail. With such humble beginnings, Row did not seem naturally inclined to be a hero. However, her life changed when Batman saved her brother Cullen from being gay-bashed, although not before the bullies managed to butcher Cullen's hair with a pair of scissors.

Batman's intervention left a lasting impression on Harper. In addition to shaving her own head in solidarity with her brother, Harper began trying to learn more about Batman in order to assist him in his fight against crime in Gotham. She even managed to discover the devices Batman uses to disable the city's security cameras, and improved them with technology of her own design.

Her efforts only earned the Batman's ire; at one point he rewarded Harper's attempts at helping him by breaking her nose. Even saving Batman's life by pulling his unconscious body out of Gotham Bay and restarting his heart using only jumper cables and a car battery failed to win him over.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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