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Deadshot has a daughter. He is bitter enemies with Captain Boomerang. Deadshot was arrested for a failed assassination of a US Senator by Batman and sentence to life in prison. However, he was recruited to be part of Suicide Squad in exchange for early release. Deadshot was made team leader due to his skill under pressure but quickly grew disillusioned with the group after a planned visit with his daughter, his first since his arrest, was withheld from him and ultimately aborted within minutes of him reuniting with his daughter in order to send him on a mission.

During one mission, to hunt down renegade member Harley Quinn, the villainess scarred Deadshot with a knife along his upper lip.

Deadshot ultimately sacrificed his life to kill the evil cult member Regulas, who had brainwashed most of the members of Suicide Squad and had recruited Black Spider into his group Bassilik in order to assassinate Amanda Waller.

Deadshot was later resurrected, possibly through use of an arm from Resurrection Man, obtained by the Squad for Waller during an earlier mission.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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