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Dr. Alec Holland was resurrected as a human with only memories of his time as a plant elemental.

After completing a batch of his bio-restorative formula, he dropped out of his botany career and became a construction worker. Haunted by thoughts of transforming again, he attemptted to throw his formula into a swamp, but was stopped by a separate entity who had taken on the form of Swamp Thing. The entity explained that Alec Holland is part of the Green and that Swamp Thing must help The Green and The Red face off against the Rot.

When Animal Man managed to find Swamp Thing, they agreed to enter the Rot. When they arrived, Animal Man and Swamp Thing soon find themselves one year into the future where the Rot had infected most of the Earth. Swamp Thing and the forces of the Green engaged the Un-Men outside of Anton Arcane's castle.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Swamp Thing (Series)

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